Hill’s Prescription Z/D: wow, that was a bad idea

I follow a lot of bully breed Facebook pages & had a conversation about kibble. I had my dogs on Infinia Bison & Potato, which was ok, but Boomer was still itchy around his butt &, well, his penis (penile discharge irritating his belly & thighs). I had a feeling it was the potato. Someone recommended Hill’s Prescription Diet Z/D; she said her white APBT had no allergic reactions on it. Z/D is sold by any local veterinarian, so it was easy to get, & in fact I had to stop by my vet to get Madeline’s eye ointment, so I picked up a bag just to try it out. It was just over $100 for a 24 lb bag, if I recall correctly. I no longer have the bag since I took it back to the vet for a refund.

I began introducing the Z/D gradually. It took a few days to reach a 50-50 Hill’s-Infinia mix. And all of a sudden Boomer’s moderate itching turned into full blown, entire torso friable pus & utter misery. He wouldn’t let me sleep; he kept crying. I thought he needed to go outside to pee, but when I got a look at him it was pretty dreadful. Image in next paragraph; it’s not NSFW but I put it on Page 2 just in case.

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Madeline, Distichiasis

0It started with a bad week of vog while the mango trees were blooming.   Both Madeline & Boomer (& me, & a number of my human friends!) get itchy eyes when the mango trees bloom, & the vog can just get really terrible.   Everyone gets sick.   Madeline’s eyes swelled up from the double whammy & she exacerbated it by scratching.   I stop her when I see her rubbing her face on the grass or carpet, but I wasn’t super vigilant.   Now I know better.  Stop her from doing that, always.   I don’t let her out of my sight any more.

At right, Madeline sleeping against me while I held a paper towel over her eye.  We fell asleep that way.   She seemed to feel better with that towel over her eye.

After a week her eye was still irritated, which was longer than expected.   I tried cold compresses, but she didn’t like that.   So I did warm compresses, & I started giving her warm eye baths.

After a few days of that, she opened her right eye again & I saw that her cornea was cloudy & there was red (blood?) within it.   I freaked out.   I Googled “dog cloudy eye” & read about how canine keratitis can lead to blindness.   But mostly I was horrified that I’d let her suffer that long.

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Face washing

Boomer with a hot towel across his eyesI have American Bulldogs.   Boomer has crazy allergies from the 2 huge mango trees in my backyard, especially when they are in full bloom, like now.   I keep the dogs inside with me as much as possible, but even Boomer’s minimal outside time has his eyes pink, puffy, & weepy.

Today he was so miserable that he was crying at me all day.   I knew exactly what he was grumbling about; it was obvious he was miserable.   He even scratched one side of his face enough to draw blood.

Sadly, this happens regularly enough that we have a night time face cleaning ritual.   I fill a bucket with hot water & dip in it with a soft hand towel.   Then I spend several minutes just going over Boomer’s poor, pink face with it, until the water isn’t that hot any more.

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