Boomer’s contribution to the Department of Education

IMAG0541-1Boomer had diarrhea; 4 nights ago I came home & he had pooped in 3 spots in my room (I’m so happy I have ceramic tile!).   I was so impressed with the 3 of them for not tracking any of it anywhere.   Boomer was super apologetic even though I wasn’t mad, & he sat there with me for over an hour while I cleaned everything up.

Just in case, prior to cleaning, I snapped a photo of the piles of poop.   After cleaning, I went to the kitchen & cooked up a pot of chicken/ pumpkin/ wakame okayu for Boomer to eat over the next few days.   He started making normal poops on the 2nd day & I’m transitioning him back to his kibble.   It’s kind of weird that he only gets grain free dogfood, but when on the okayu, which is mostly mushy rice, it doesn’t cause any distinctive allergic reaction.   Maybe it’s the way the grains are processed in cheap dogfood.   No idea.   Anyway.

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ImageOn Monday around 3pm Madeline began “huffing.”    I don’t know how to explain this except that it is not reverse sneezing & not quite coughing.   It’s like if you gently whispered “huff” but blew more air out when you did it.   Anyway, I noticed it right away but didn’t immediately think anything was wrong; Madeline reverse sneezes every so often & I thought this was just a low-cal variation of that.

I started to worry when, about half an hour later, she began salivating.   Like, Christmas decoration/diseased cow drooling.   She was huffing at a faster pace & had 2-3 inches of drool swinging from her flews.   Madeline is an American Bulldog & they’re known to be drooly, but she’s not actually very drooly.   So the new look was definitely not normal. Continue reading

In search of less poop

I’ve got 3 decent sized dogs & they make a very decent amount of poop.   I’ve been dealing with pet poop for 18 years (actually longer, if you consider that I was the Poop Scooper for my dad’s dogs from age 8.) & have spent a lot of time figuring out how to make poop less of a chore.

My cats were easy enough (Cats are just unbelievably easy compared to dogs.   Seriously.) but with my dogs there were many new factors to healthy, & smaller, poop.

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The great pumpkin

When my dogs get sick I do take them to their veterinarian or I at least call & ask for advice.   But I try to learn what I can do at home as well.   If your dog is sick, don’t hesitate to call your vet; they’re licensed for a reason. =)

There are a lot of trees in my backyard, mostly fruit trees – a legacy of my very practical grandparents.   Depending on the season the yard is decorated with mangos, starfruit, vee apples, or mountain apples.   I do as much as I can with the fruits; most of it is given away since the only item from that list that I eat is mountain apple, & I’ve had enough after 2 or 3.

I do clear the yard of fallen fruit during these times but the dogs do eat their share of what I miss, & sometimes they have GI upset.

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