Dogs Decoded

In my (fruitless) quest for Season 2 of Game of Thrones without a cable tv subscription (I have only a Roadrunner subscription; no tv), I was tricked into signing up for Netflix.   After discovering that Netflix, contrary to the make believe Game of Thrones video window urging me to Watch Now by signing up, in actuality did not have the HBO series, I decided to browse what was available.   Nothing really appealed beyond a bunch of documentaries.

One of the first documentaries I watched was a PBS Nova film called Dogs Decoded.   It is available for you to watch free at Top Documentary Films.

Right away Dogs Decoded went over experiments which examined the scientific explanation for dogs’ apparent abilities to know how their owners felt.   According to the experiments, dogs have developed a skill for reading humans.  It is a skill they don’t use on any other creature; only humans.   They also examined the ability of humans to interpret different types of barks, with fairly substantial results.   While domesticated dogs’ mitochondrial DNA sequences are almost identical to that of gray wolves, none of this behavior is evident in gray wolves.

The implication of this is that dogs have developed communication skills specifically relevant to human beings.   Just for us!   Cool, huh?   But there was more.

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