Doggy Toga

Madeline scratched her side into a raw patch of skin (she had a single puncture wound on her back; it healed up quickly, but itched). I cleaned it constantly with peroxide, but every time it started looking better, she’d scratch it again.
Madeline's body bandage

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Boomer Growling, five days later

Head hugIt’s probably too soon to assume any kind of permanent resolution, but since that one night mentioned in my last post, Boomer has taken his pills (2 per day) without any complaint.   I tightened up on the NILIF, & to be honest I was a little miffed at Boomer for at least half of the next day, so he did get several cold looks from me.

Trust me; that’s huge.   For me, anyway.

Boomer had to sit, & wait – sometimes awhile, while I walked out of the room to get something – for anything he wanted, including going outside or coming back in.   He was not allowed on the bed without permission.   The first time he climbed up, I did the “ah ah” & gestured “off.”   He looked confused, but backed off & sat there, looking at me.  I ignored him for awhile, then permitted him up.   I know I said he was sleeping on the floor that night, but I settled for forbidding him from encroaching on my “side” as he had been doing for awhile.   He slept on the far corner of the bed that night instead of his usual place (practically on top of me).   Madeline was all too happy to cuddle up in my side.

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Face washing

Boomer with a hot towel across his eyesI have American Bulldogs.   Boomer has crazy allergies from the 2 huge mango trees in my backyard, especially when they are in full bloom, like now.   I keep the dogs inside with me as much as possible, but even Boomer’s minimal outside time has his eyes pink, puffy, & weepy.

Today he was so miserable that he was crying at me all day.   I knew exactly what he was grumbling about; it was obvious he was miserable.   He even scratched one side of his face enough to draw blood.

Sadly, this happens regularly enough that we have a night time face cleaning ritual.   I fill a bucket with hot water & dip in it with a soft hand towel.   Then I spend several minutes just going over Boomer’s poor, pink face with it, until the water isn’t that hot any more.

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Madeline, huffing again

Chie is worried about MadelineMadeline was outside only for a little while today, but I did catch her eating those gardenia berries that made her so sick before, although not anywhere near enough for me to think she would make herself sick.   We played outside for a bit, then came inside for a nap.   When I woke up, Madeline was huffing.   It didn’t seem too bad, & she ate all of her lunch.

However, the huffing continued.   She hasn’t drooled.   After an hour she began letting me know she wanted attention, so I sat with her & massaged her stomach, which was making all kinds of squishy gas noises.   I considered inducing vomiting with hydrogen peroxide, but I think the distress is in her bowels rather than her stomach.   I also considered an after hours emergency vet visit, but last time they spent hours unable to figure out what was bothering her, shot her up with anti inflammatories & antihistamines, & nothing helped.   And I’m kind of broke right now.

Currently she’s exhausted – the stomach spasms got pretty heavy for several minutes – & is sleeping on my bed wrapped in a blanket.   I’m hoping that when she wakes up, she’ll be able to poop it out like she did last time.

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Worst Personal Veterinary Experience, 5 days later

Boomer, after five days of cephalexin & hot compresses.

Last Tuesday he was in pain & swollen to the point where he was drooling constantly.   I was calling him Elephant Boy.   On Wednesday we had our horrible experience with Warren Sakamoto, who wanted to charge me $1003 to cut Boomer open to drain an abscess that wasn’t even ready to be drained.

Instead, on my dad’s advice, I gave Boomer daily antibiotics & applied a hot compress for 15 seconds at a time to the swelling for a period of 10 minutes, 4 times a day (it was sort of like 15 seconds on, 15 seconds off, over & over again for 10 minutes).   After the very first hot compress, the hardened area of cellulitis changed from a rectangular area of 8″x3″ to 6″x3″ & softened considerably.

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I’ve been busting Chie for all the cuts on Boomer’s hind legs; he gets so busted up when they playfight.   I’ve seen him make it several feet with her latched on to his hind leg & I’m sure it must be getting torn up.

Looks like she missed his leg this time.

It didn’t seem to be bothering him but since I was having mental images of his junk falling out of his sack I smeared some Neosporin all over the cut.   Twenty four hours later it looks a little better.

I wonder how often male dogs injure their nuts.   I mean, it’s just hanging out there.   Or is Boomer just special?   Do I need to contact Dean & Tyler & have a custom cup made?