Hill’s Prescription Z/D: wow, that was a bad idea

I follow a lot of bully breed Facebook pages & had a conversation about kibble. I had my dogs on Infinia Bison & Potato, which was ok, but Boomer was still itchy around his butt &, well, his penis (penile discharge irritating his belly & thighs). I had a feeling it was the potato. Someone recommended Hill’s Prescription Diet Z/D; she said her white APBT had no allergic reactions on it. Z/D is sold by any local veterinarian, so it was easy to get, & in fact I had to stop by my vet to get Madeline’s eye ointment, so I picked up a bag just to try it out. It was just over $100 for a 24 lb bag, if I recall correctly. I no longer have the bag since I took it back to the vet for a refund.

I began introducing the Z/D gradually. It took a few days to reach a 50-50 Hill’s-Infinia mix. And all of a sudden Boomer’s moderate itching turned into full blown, entire torso friable pus & utter misery. He wouldn’t let me sleep; he kept crying. I thought he needed to go outside to pee, but when I got a look at him it was pretty dreadful. Image in next paragraph; it’s not NSFW but I put it on Page 2 just in case.

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Boomer’s getting too skinny

This was Boomer on the way home from the vet today.   It was a really long visit, & he was pooped.IMAG1564Boomer’s been losing weight for, I would guess, a year.   I didn’t really become aware of it as a problem until a few months ago.   I guess seeing him every day kind of blinded me to how different he looks from a few years ago.   But I can see his hip bones.   I know I’m not supposed to be able to see them.

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In search of less poop

I’ve got 3 decent sized dogs & they make a very decent amount of poop.   I’ve been dealing with pet poop for 18 years (actually longer, if you consider that I was the Poop Scooper for my dad’s dogs from age 8.) & have spent a lot of time figuring out how to make poop less of a chore.

My cats were easy enough (Cats are just unbelievably easy compared to dogs.   Seriously.) but with my dogs there were many new factors to healthy, & smaller, poop.

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