Honeygirl, CRF continued

Honeygirl, sleeping on my boobsAt age 19, Honeygirl is still as bossy as ever, but she falls down sometimes.   She just loses her balance & finds herself sitting.   She’s a frighteningly small 4 lbs; she was never a large cat, but I feel like crying every time I feel her jutting hip bones when I’m petting her.

She’s always been very picky about her food, & this year she got worse.   She’s still extremely demanding, but she always wants something new.   I’ve been through every brand of canned catfood at the near specialty pet shop; she loves everything in the beginning, but by the 3rd can she’s no longer interested & wants something else.

She began drinking water excessively earlier this year.   I described her symptoms to my vet, who said it sounded like Chronic Renal Failure, which is common in older cats.   I read various articles about CRF, which recommended foods low in phosphorous to put as little strain as possible on her kidneys.   But more importantly, it was recommended that I give her anything she would eat.   Tough call.

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My cat is addicted to Addiction catfood

I’ve had Honeygirl, my cat, for almost 19 years.   She’s almost always been finicky about her food.   Back when I didn’t know any better & I bought catfood from the grocery store, I remember feeling very pleased with myself because she seemed to like Meow Mix.

I later got the idea that I should use premium catfood & then began buying Iams.   I know… I didn’t know my petfood facts back then.   I also fed my cats raw for about a year but when my work schedule changed it became too difficult to maintain.

When I finally got smarter I bought my cats Innova, but it just didn’t have as much grease as Iams & Honeygirl never really took a shine to it.   And she hasn’t liked much of anything I’ve tried – Prairie, Instinct, some other super expensive brand I can’t remember – until now.

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In search of less poop

I’ve got 3 decent sized dogs & they make a very decent amount of poop.   I’ve been dealing with pet poop for 18 years (actually longer, if you consider that I was the Poop Scooper for my dad’s dogs from age 8.) & have spent a lot of time figuring out how to make poop less of a chore.

My cats were easy enough (Cats are just unbelievably easy compared to dogs.   Seriously.) but with my dogs there were many new factors to healthy, & smaller, poop.

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