Montreal “pit bull” ban voters

These are the Montréal legislators who voted YES to slaughter thousands of innocent adult dogs & puppies under an archaic & historically ineffective ruling. Too stupid or myopic to look at Calgary’s positive results… but then Calgary’s methods required intelligence & reason.

Denis Coderre
Pierre Desrocher
Anie Samson
Harout Chitilian
Francesco Miele
Manon Gauthier
Chantal Rouleau
Lionel Perez
Aref Salem
Monique Vallée
Richard Bergeron
Jean-Marc Gibeau
Mary Deros
JF Parenteau
Jim Beis
Giovanni Rapana
Dominic Perri
Pierre Gagnier
Richard Guay
Chantal Rossi
Karine Boivin-Roy
Marc-André Gadoury
Suzanne Décarie
Érika Duchesne
Christine Black
Alan deSousa
Catherine Clément-Talbot
Richard Celzi
Michel Bissonette
Patricia Lattanzio
Réal Ménard
Russell Copeman
Elsie Lefebvre
Claude Dauphin
Jean-François Cloutier
Marie Cinq-Mars
Lorraine Pagé

And these are the legislators who voted AGAINST the ban. Please recognize them for standing up against stupidity & cruelty.
Luc Ferrandez
Emilie Thuillier
François Limoges
Valerie Plante
Craig Sauvé
Anne-Marie Sigouin
Magda Popeanu
Guillaume Lavoie
Louise Mainville
Richard Ryan
Peter McQueen
Alex Norris
Laurence Lavigne Lalonde
Eric Alan Caldwell
Sterling Downey
Sylvain Ouellet
Marvin Rotrand
Justine McIntyre
Normand Marinacci
Steve Shanahan
Andrée Hénault
Luis Miranda
Manon Barbe


Jim Crosby on the Lennox Tragedy

Earlier I mentioned a travesty in Northern Ireland; Belfast, to be exact.   For those who haven’t heard, a Labrador-American Bulldog mix was seized by Belfast officials from his home simply for having measurements that made him look like a pit bull.   Lennox had no history of aggression & his owners had had him neutered, microchipped, insured, registered, & even DNA certified from puppyhood.

Lennox’s family petitioned for an exemption, naturally.   After several postponements, they were denied.   They appealed.   They were denied again.   Lennox was incarcerated for over two years, & photos showed health issues & inhumane living conditions.   The family was not allowed to see him.

He was officially euthanized on July 11 in spite of expert testimony that he was not vicious, offers to rehome him outside of Northern Ireland all expenses paid, a petition of over 170,000 signatures, & a plea from the First Minister to show clemency.   The family was not even allowed to collect his corpse, in my opinion probably due to a need to cover up Lennox’s physical state at the time of death.   Or perhaps Lennox had already died.

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Guess I’ll Never Be Visiting Northern Ireland

A Labrador/American Bulldog mix who had never shown any aggression, who was also microchipped, insured, neutered, registered & even DNA tested due to Northern Ireland’s Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) against pit bulls was confiscated from his home because of the size of his muzzle & hind legs.

Since then, the Belfast City Council have incarcerated Lennox in an unknown location under seemingly inhumane conditions, not allowing any family contact, for 2 years.

Two years.

He’s sleeping in sawdust, surrounded by his own feces, with no visible source of water.   In isolation, which is torture for any dog.   Recent pictures show him with extensive skin damage as well as untreated injuries.   The Belfast dog wardens probably knew they were going to kill him in the end so didn’t bother being humane.

Today, in spite of petitions & expert behaviorist accounts, a Belfast judge ruled what the Belfast wardens must have been counting on all this time: Lennox is to be put to death.   I don’t even want to know how they plan to do it.   Based on their treatment of him so far, I can only hope that it’s quick but frankly, it might not be.   The judge would not even agree to let Lennox be deported.   I wonder if they will even let Lennox’s family see him again when they kill him, or if he’ll have to die somewhere surrounded by assholes.

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Germany sounds cool

I met a cute musician from Germany who likes Robbie Williams.   Like any average woman, any time I meet a cute guy who likes Robbie Williams I immediately consider marriage.   In this case, I decided to look up dog laws in Germany.  Not the climate, not the economy.  The dog laws.   I can look up the other stuff later.

The first article I read was from 2008 entitled Germany’s “Dangerous” Dog Laws.   Ewww, BSL, I thought.  Right off the bat the article states that Germany prohibits import of “dangerous dogs:”

Under the regulations governed by German states’ local authorities charged with enforcing them, dangerous dogs are typically characterized as animals either having attacked persons or shown unusual aggressiveness; displayed tendencies to attack game or livestock; and last but not least are known to be vicious.  Automatically included under the classification of dangerous dogs are Staffordshire bullterriers, American Staffordshire terriers, pit bull terriers, and other dogs descended from one of these types of dogs.

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North Carolina Breed Ban

Today North Carolina held a hearing on a potential breed specific adoption ban affecting bully breeds, rottweilers & chow chows.   Originally I had quoted a post from The Examiner but have since been warned that it may have been an exaggeration.

Since then the hearing has been held & things looks a little less grim than when I had made this post several hours ago.   According to an article on the FayObserver, “Animal Control staff would work with rescue groups from around the state and country to place the dogs” elsewhere.   Residents would not be able to adopt them.   This is kind of what California does with their homeless by shipping them to Hawaii, I guess.   However, this is another step towards Breed Specific Legislation & it’s sad because ultimately it’s the dogs who are penalized for the failures of irresponsible owners & breeders.

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