My Backyard Breeder Experience

In my first post I mentioned my Basenji, Jack.   I rehomed Jack with one of my friends (where he is flourishing & very happy) because he couldn’t get along with my 2 American Bulldogs, & it nearly cost him his life.   It certainly cost him a lot of blood & over 20 stitches. He almost died.

I don’t blame my ABs.   For the most part I blame myself.   But there were qualities in Jack that made him the incompatible one.   Boomer & Madeline were not the aberrant dogs; Jack was.   And I think a lot of it was due to his origins.

Jack was my first dog.   I didn’t know what backyard breeders were, & when I drove out to Makaha I excused the tiny, foul-smelling yard full of barking Basenjis & the fact that the 4-month-old pups had never been in a house before.   The breeder was a very sweet old woman named Dody, & she very proudly told me that she fed her dogs only the best: Pedigree something or other; I’d learned enough about catfood quality to know that certain dogfood brands were not even to be considered, & Pedigree was one of them.

I ignored all this.   I wanted to see the puppies.

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