Lauren’s Reference List

Just a bunch of links that I wanted to have down somewhere so I can remember where I read what.

BSL/Pit Bulls

Scribd Denver Dog Bite Statistics – “Denver has not seen any appreciable difference in the number or severity of dog attacks compared to cities without breed bans.”

2014 Aurora possible ban repeal – “While the number of bites by “restricted” breeds has decreased, it has come at the expense of a 71% increase in bites by non-restricted breeds”

It’s The Pits blog – “Counties without pit bull bans — Boulder, El Paso and Jefferson — showed fewer people going to the hospital dog bites.” “But which breeds have killed in Colorado? As this list reveals, out of nine reported dog attack fatalities in the state since 1980, pit bulls were responsible for two.”

Scribd Miami-Dade Statistics – “Miami-Dade has in fact realized a lesser decrease in the number of dog bites reported to Miami-Dade Animal Control – from almost 6000 bites reported in1979, to 992 in 2007. This decline, of a little morethan 80%, is at the lower end of the national trend.Further, most of this decline occurred before the banwas enacted”

Defending Dog – list of links to studies on the effectiveness of BSL.

Discovery: Are Pits Inherently Dangerous? – acknowledges bred traits but explains environmental roles in how dangerous a dog ends up being.

Lockwood-Rindy report

Pit Bulls are the most abused breed of dog

Five Foolproof Tips For Better Pit Bull Advocacy

Dog Bites
2012 Staradvertiser – Hawaii is 2nd lowest in the country for dog bites.   Maybe because we have a relatively tiny ghetto.

NCRC dog attack fatalities – actual statistics & objective research

25 Ways You Will Most Likely Die – “The data on this list comes from several sources, but primarily the National Center for Health Statistics, the National Safety Council, and the World Health Organization (WHO).”   Dog attacks are #22.

American Humane Association on Dog Bites –  statistics about dog bites, chained dogs, BSL, advice on what parents & owners can do

American Bulldogs

American Bulldogs History and Origin – with detailed pictures & accounts of Johnson & Scott.

American Bulldog History & Origins – different article, naming 5 strains of AB & multiple history theories.


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