About The Owner

I’m a bartender.   I play music.   I read a lot & I play MMOs, although currently just WoW, very casually.   I write about my dorky life at The Long Way Home.   I’m chronically single because I can’t find a bed big enough for my dogs AND a man.   Sad but true.   I’ve found a man my dogs adore but we don’t all fit in my bed.   Working on that.

After 19 years of being owned by cats, I am in  my 5th year of a crash course in dog parenting.

It’s been a huge learning curve.   We’ve been through a lot & there is so much that I wish I did different, but there’s no way I could have known at the time.   I learn as I go & I’m doing the best I can.   I hope the stories I share here can bring some comfort to other panicking dog owners as well as help me be a better steward.

I introduce myself & each of my dogs & cats in my first post.



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