Montreal “pit bull” ban voters

These are the Montréal legislators who voted YES to slaughter thousands of innocent adult dogs & puppies under an archaic & historically ineffective ruling. Too stupid or myopic to look at Calgary’s positive results… but then Calgary’s methods required intelligence & reason.

Denis Coderre
Pierre Desrocher
Anie Samson
Harout Chitilian
Francesco Miele
Manon Gauthier
Chantal Rouleau
Lionel Perez
Aref Salem
Monique Vallée
Richard Bergeron
Jean-Marc Gibeau
Mary Deros
JF Parenteau
Jim Beis
Giovanni Rapana
Dominic Perri
Pierre Gagnier
Richard Guay
Chantal Rossi
Karine Boivin-Roy
Marc-André Gadoury
Suzanne Décarie
Érika Duchesne
Christine Black
Alan deSousa
Catherine Clément-Talbot
Richard Celzi
Michel Bissonette
Patricia Lattanzio
Réal Ménard
Russell Copeman
Elsie Lefebvre
Claude Dauphin
Jean-François Cloutier
Marie Cinq-Mars
Lorraine Pagé

And these are the legislators who voted AGAINST the ban. Please recognize them for standing up against stupidity & cruelty.
Luc Ferrandez
Emilie Thuillier
François Limoges
Valerie Plante
Craig Sauvé
Anne-Marie Sigouin
Magda Popeanu
Guillaume Lavoie
Louise Mainville
Richard Ryan
Peter McQueen
Alex Norris
Laurence Lavigne Lalonde
Eric Alan Caldwell
Sterling Downey
Sylvain Ouellet
Marvin Rotrand
Justine McIntyre
Normand Marinacci
Steve Shanahan
Andrée Hénault
Luis Miranda
Manon Barbe


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