Find Me That Dad

The grass isn't actually this long right nowToday when I got home, Madeline had had an accident in the living room. Actually, several small accidents. I’m one week out from my myomectomy & still have a healing 4″ incision on my belly, so I’m not really good at crouching right now & I knew clean up was going to take a while. I let Madeline out into the front yard, which is enclosed by a 6′ chain link fence hedged intermittently with bougainvillea, watched her for a little while, then went back inside to clean up her poop.

When I was on the 3rd puddle, I heard Madeline barking & running.   She barks at people walking past; it’s a dog thing.   It usually lasts only the few seconds it takes them to pass.   Then I heard her barking again.   And then again.   And then I heard the sound of a child laughing.

Normally the sound of children laughing is a positive thing, but not when my dog is involved.   As I got outside, I caught sight of a little blonde boy flying by on his little bicycle, & Madeline was chasing him along the fence.   I wasn’t overly offended by this, but if he was going to do this back & forth over & over again it was going to get tedious.   I called Madeline away from the fence & told her to cut it out.   Then I went back inside to hurry up & finish cleaning.

The next thing I heard was Madeline barking & the little boy shouting “yah yah”s in a “nyah nyah” sort of way.   Ok, that’s not acceptable.   I went back outside & walked out to where I could see the kid, standing at the corner of the yard, leaning his face against the chain link fence & obviously calling out my dog.   Madeline was keeping her distance but barking.   She was aware that the kid was screwing with her, & she wasn’t about to go near him, but she was offended.   So was I.

“Eh,” I said.   “Leave the dog alone.”   I’m a mom to 3 dogs as well as a singer so I am capable of throwing my voice at a target without yelling, but still sounding close enough to hurt you.   Note that I did not use any profanity or open threat.   It was a kid; I kept it clean.

The kid immediately said, “Ok.   Sowwy.”   Then he got off the fence.   Fair enough; I tch’d Madeline to me & turned to go back to the house.

Just as I was going back inside, I heard a man’s voice, from the same vicinity as the kid, say, “Come on, let’s go.”   I immediately turned around & marched back out, looking for the adult who had apparently been hiding behind the bushes letting his kid get busted, but they were gone.

That really pisses me off.

Find me that dad.


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