So far, so good

Crazy year; I’ve been home as much as I can, but it never seems like enough.   Boomer’s started howling when I leave, & although it’s never for more than 60 seconds or so, someone anonymously reported me to the Humane Society, saying they heard a dog “moaning” in my house.   Horsefeathers, seriously, but frankly Boomer does sound pretty agonized.   It’s just that it’s not due to animal cruelty.

The HHS officer who called me said he just needed to come by & examine my dogs to make sure they were ok.   I gave him a time window & he never showed.   I emailed him a video of Boomer howling in response to a distant ambulance siren.   And then I never heard from him again.   I guess he decided to move on to cases with more plausible validity.

Meanwhile, Boomer & Madeline have been on very good terms (knock on wood!).   They’re still remaining separate when I’m out, although they can still see & socialize with each other through a trellis door.   They still do their zoomies when I get home separately; Madeline in the front yard, Boomer & Chie in the back.   Then they all get to be in the same room together.   Avoiding too much excitement seems to be working.

Boomer is still super itchy.   He scratched the crap out of the left side of his face & I’ve been washing it with peroxide at least twice a day depending on how long I’m home.   If I’m home all day I’ll wash it every few hours.   And then he goes & scratches it again.   The vet found a combination of bacteria & fungus on his scrapings & sold me special shampoo, but the secret really seems to be in bathing Boomer every 48 hours, which I can’t keep up with.   I’m a little stressed out about this.

But overall, we’re still doing well.



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