Hello, 2014!

Nap timeI haven’t been posting because life got really busy in the last few months.   I needed a 3rd job with short shifts preferably at night, so I joined a new band & we’ve been gigging a lot.   Single parenting 3 dogs is rough because if I’m not here for them, no one is, so short work shifts are a must for me.

Lorraine, the hateful neighbor, hasn’t gotten confrontational with me since the last time I called the cops on her & her raunchy granddaughter (for the latest venting post about those people, see The Hostile Neighbor’s Granddaughter Speaks).   My dogs are outside only if I’m home because I simply can’t trust those people not to harrass them when I’m gone.   I’ve found projectiles in my yard that not only came from Lorraine’s property but could not have gotten over the 6′ wall or through the shrubbery without being deliberately thrown.   And more telling is that my dogs are completely oblivious to Lorraine’s dogs’ barking… but go on immediate Red Alert if they hear Lorraine’s or her asshole brother’s voices.   I’ve caught the brother verbally taunting my dogs on multiple occasions (unfortunately, not technically a criminal offense).   I also regularly listen to him taunting Lorraine’s dogs.   Yeah, seriously.   He taunts their own dogs.

Besides that, everyone’s been getting along well; Boomer has been really good about desisting from oversniffing when corrected & Madeline has relaxed a bit, I think because I’ve been consistent about correcting him.   The dogs are bummed that I’m going out more often at night, but I gotta pay bills.   I’m home as much as I can be.

The mango tree is blooming, so both Madeline & Boomer are pretty itchy.   Antihistamines help a little, as well as frequent baths (Boomer needs a bath every other day… no, I haven’t been able to keep it up, but I try).   I’ve tried all kinds of shampoos – antibacterial/antifungal, oatmeal, melaleuca – but the important factor seems to be simply bathing them often, regardless of which shampoo we use.   So I just try to use the gentlest shampoo I have for them.

Anyway, we’re still here; I’m just too tired to blog lately.   We still have fun though.   I leave you a video of Chie showing off her skills, pointing out a dove nest in the hibiscus.   Yeah, those doves make really poor nesting location choices sometimes.   And that’s me with laryngitis.


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