Doggy Toga

Madeline scratched her side into a raw patch of skin (she had a single puncture wound on her back; it healed up quickly, but itched). I cleaned it constantly with peroxide, but every time it started looking better, she’d scratch it again.
Madeline's body bandage

One of my friends suggested putting her in a shirt, so I tried that last night, but she looked uncomfortable & I didn’t like the idea of peeling a shirt off the sticky area when it was time to clean again.   So today I ripped a bedsheet (no worries; it was already ripped & headed for the rag basket) lengthwise & wrapped her in it.

She actually seems to like it.   It occurred to me that it fits kind of like one of those anxiety reducing dog wraps, & Madeline’s definitely a bit of a worrier, so so far we are liking this body bandage.


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