Boomer IS cute.

See?   Cute!I read dog related news articles most days, & in the “pit bull” war there seems to be a stereotype about bully breed owners.   I can’t say it isn’t based on fact, based on the insensitive crap so many “pit bull” owners are doing on the mainland, but I don’t agree that all people get a bully breed because they want to be macho, or because they are criminals.

I ended up taking Madeline home because she made eyes at me.   And I wanted a girl dog.   Not the most informed of adoption decisions, but I was a novice dog owner & I felt a connection.   I adopted Boomer because he was the only pup in the litter who actively preferred cuddling & being carried to ankle biting.   I looked to big dogs because I think of little dogs as yappy & too easily broken.   I don’t want a dog I have to be careful not to step on.   I want a dog I can hug with both arms.

That said, I think bully breeds, especially American Bulldogs, Staffies, & APBTs, retain “puppy faces” all their lives.   My Aussie, Chie, is a beautiful girl, but her face looks nothing like it did when she was a puppy & I have to admit I’m less addicted to kissing her.   There, I’ve admitted it.   My American Bulldogs are extra kissable because they still have puppy faces & they still make puppy eyes at me when they want to be manipulative look at me.   Sometimes I even call Boomer “my little seal” when he gives me the big eyes.

Naturally this doesn’t cancel out the fact that Boomer HATES the loudmouth neighbors behind our house, & rightfully so.   I’ve caught those people climbing ladders against the 6′ back wall to scope out my yard (that was the beginning of my dogs’ dislike of them), found projectiles in my yard, caught them taunting or shooting a hose over the wall, as well as had to listen to their (small) dogs bark, sometimes for hours straight, then listen to them try to outdo their own dogs by screaming at them.   I hate them.   And it’s not even me they’ve been shooting with a hose.

Their behavior settled down once I informed & proved to them I’d set up home surveillance as well as made 2 police reports, but even the sound of their voices has Madeline asking to come back into the house & Boomer on high alert.   He’s completely oblivious to their dogs’ barking & mindlessly screaming kids, but he recognizes the voices of the taunter & the hoser.   He’s lovely with my friends & any passersby who are nice to us, but he knows which humans he doesn’t like, & them he wants to kill.

He’s still my little seal, though.

Ha ha


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