The wisdom of Leon Rosby

Leon Rosby, idiotThe internet’s been abuzz with the viral video of Hawthorne police shooting Leon Rosby’s 2-yr-old Rottweiler, Max, who jumped out of Rosby’s car to defend his cuffed owner.   The cops are receiving death threats & Rosby is filing a lawsuit (not his first).

When I first saw the video, I was outraged at the PD’s triggerhappy behavior.   I couldn’t understand why they were arresting Rosby in the first place, even though he seemed to be aware as well as undisturbed that he was going to be arrested well before it happened.

I looked for other articles on the incident, & found one at which explained that the police were surrounding a house with a gunman inside, & that Rosby, who happened to be driving by from a dog park, pulled over with his stereo blasting, & refused to turn it down when asked.

A neighbor, who asked not to be identified, said the officers asked him to turn the music down, but he refused. Rosby, she said, responded, “It’s my (expletive) radio!”

According to an article at, while blaring his music & filming the police because he was “worried about civil rights violations,” Rosby was also yelling at the cops while they were in the middle of their gunman situation.   If you watch the video, you can’t really hear what he is shouting at them over the music coming from his car, but one of the guys near the camera makes a comment about him asking why there aren’t any black cops on the scene.

“He’s giving them problems,” one man filming the incident says as Rosby gets closer to the police scene. “I’d hate to be an officer right now.”

There have been so many incidents of cops shooting our beloved dogs lately.   Our police departments rarely have any kind of training in dog behavior or management techniques, & too often their kneejerk response is to pull our their guns & shoot, rather than consider a non-lethal solution.   The excuse is always that the officer “felt threatened.”

In Max’s case, I think he was ready to attack.   When he lunges at the officer in the video, his body language shows he’s pissed.   This is a posture I never want to see my dogs take.  If it were my dogs in that same situation, they would probably do the same thing.   Max was trying to defend his owner, a natural behavior.   But Max should never have been put in that position.

People are starting to be more aware of the dangers that police pose to our dogs.   I, very honestly, would hesitate to call 911 if I thought it might involve cops entering my property.   I wouldn’t want my dogs to react in a natural, protective way & be slaughtered for it.

Along that same vein, I would never stop my car & walk my dog around a fricking crime scene that had absolutely nothing to do with me bleeding with amped up police, much less then harrass them & make a spectacle of myself.   Are you nuts??

My dogs are innocents & it’s my job to keep them safe.   No amount of satisfaction I might get from harrassing a bunch of cops or making a grand show in front of a group of spectators could persuade me to stop my car & endanger my dog.   Hell no.   I would keep driving.   In the event that I couldn’t drive past, I’d remain as still as I could & attract as little attention or excitement as possible.   I would not get my dog riled up.   If I couldn’t drive past, I’d probably walk my dog far, far away from the scene just to be away from that kind of energy.

I wouldn’t be in there creating  a ruckus.

Hawthorne cops acted poorly, but Leon Rosby is to blame for his dog’s murder.   Watching the video again, I was disgusted by how smug he appeared to be as he sauntered back & forth, intermittently checking the crowd to make sure he had an audience.   If Max had been a young child, how ridiculous would Rosby look, harrassing the cops?   A dog is like a child.   We have to protect them like they are children, not property on the end of a leash.

RIP Max.   I’m so sorry your owner was an idiot.


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