Boomer Growling, five days later

Head hugIt’s probably too soon to assume any kind of permanent resolution, but since that one night mentioned in my last post, Boomer has taken his pills (2 per day) without any complaint.   I tightened up on the NILIF, & to be honest I was a little miffed at Boomer for at least half of the next day, so he did get several cold looks from me.

Trust me; that’s huge.   For me, anyway.

Boomer had to sit, & wait – sometimes awhile, while I walked out of the room to get something – for anything he wanted, including going outside or coming back in.   He was not allowed on the bed without permission.   The first time he climbed up, I did the “ah ah” & gestured “off.”   He looked confused, but backed off & sat there, looking at me.  I ignored him for awhile, then permitted him up.   I know I said he was sleeping on the floor that night, but I settled for forbidding him from encroaching on my “side” as he had been doing for awhile.   He slept on the far corner of the bed that night instead of his usual place (practically on top of me).   Madeline was all too happy to cuddle up in my side.

Boomer has always been vocal about being bored, about wanting attention, about reminding me it’s lunch time (And he’s always right; I swear he can read the clock).   Since last week, his protestations have been met with an ambivalent look.   The effect on him was immediate.   He’s been meekly following me around, watching my face like a hawk all the time.   He actually cowered a few times for no apparent reason (that made me feel bad, but I kept a straight face). He looks at me imploringly & sniffs my foot.   His entire manner has been apologetic.

I should mention that there were immediate changes in the other 2 dogs’ behavior as well.   Chie was a lot rougher with Boomer during play, to the point where I told them to stop & gave Chie a dirty look because I’d heard him yelp twice.   I also caught Madeline humping him, & a couple of times when I admonished him for something, she thought she could join in, which I corrected right away.   I didn’t want to upset the entire hierarchy, if there is one; I really just wanted to bump Boomer back into line.

I’m not sure how much longer I can keep this up.   I just want to hug him all the time already.


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