Madeline, huffing again

Chie is worried about MadelineMadeline was outside only for a little while today, but I did catch her eating those gardenia berries that made her so sick before, although not anywhere near enough for me to think she would make herself sick.   We played outside for a bit, then came inside for a nap.   When I woke up, Madeline was huffing.   It didn’t seem too bad, & she ate all of her lunch.

However, the huffing continued.   She hasn’t drooled.   After an hour she began letting me know she wanted attention, so I sat with her & massaged her stomach, which was making all kinds of squishy gas noises.   I considered inducing vomiting with hydrogen peroxide, but I think the distress is in her bowels rather than her stomach.   I also considered an after hours emergency vet visit, but last time they spent hours unable to figure out what was bothering her, shot her up with anti inflammatories & antihistamines, & nothing helped.   And I’m kind of broke right now.

Currently she’s exhausted – the stomach spasms got pretty heavy for several minutes – & is sleeping on my bed wrapped in a blanket.   I’m hoping that when she wakes up, she’ll be able to poop it out like she did last time.

Update: after a few hours of sleep, kept warm by a very worried Boomer, Madeline finally pooped, & it was full of gardenia seeds.   She’s now sleeping quite peacefully.   Boomer is still keeping her warm.



2 responses to “Madeline, huffing again

  1. Thank you for posting, i was freaking out about my dog, she must have eat something as well outside yesterday. What you described sound just like my dog. I don’t know what she eat, but she doesn’t drooled either and have spasms. I’m waiting as well for her to discharge of what ever she eat. Money is certainly an issue since I’m unemployed I was reading and was afraid her stomach turned but the symptoms don’t kind fid. Your story matches mine exactly which makes me feel better.

    • Glad to help you not feel alone! I do hope your situation is like this one & can be resolved with an eventual poop. If it lasts longer or gets worse, you may still have to call the vet though. Hope your doggy is better soon!

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