Honeygirl, CRF continued

Honeygirl, sleeping on my boobsAt age 19, Honeygirl is still as bossy as ever, but she falls down sometimes.   She just loses her balance & finds herself sitting.   She’s a frighteningly small 4 lbs; she was never a large cat, but I feel like crying every time I feel her jutting hip bones when I’m petting her.

She’s always been very picky about her food, & this year she got worse.   She’s still extremely demanding, but she always wants something new.   I’ve been through every brand of canned catfood at the near specialty pet shop; she loves everything in the beginning, but by the 3rd can she’s no longer interested & wants something else.

She began drinking water excessively earlier this year.   I described her symptoms to my vet, who said it sounded like Chronic Renal Failure, which is common in older cats.   I read various articles about CRF, which recommended foods low in phosphorous to put as little strain as possible on her kidneys.   But more importantly, it was recommended that I give her anything she would eat.   Tough call.

I buy the Hill’s prescription diet for feline CRF from my vet, but I mix it with the gourmet stuff from the pet shop.   I also chop up raw turkey or chicken when she doesn’t want any of the above.   I also have the Instinct frozen raw medallions as well as Instinct & Addiction kibbles, which I mix with water for her.   Sometimes she just won’t eat any of it.   Those times the only thing I can keep giving her is a hug.   She hasn’t gotten tired of those.

Off the low phosphorous food, her energy levels drop, as well as her appetite.   However, these slumps are necessary when she gets sick of eating it.   I have to rotate her menu until we have come full circle, & then slowly she begins to regain her appetite.  I worry that one of these rotations she won’t recover.   I know it’s an eventuality.   I accept it.   I still fear it.

She’s never been to a vet in her life.   She’s never had a medical issue until now, & she hates going outside.   I’m going to have to hire someone to come here to euthanize her when the time comes.   I’ll put her to sleep at home.

It’s been a lovely 19 years.


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