The Hostile Neighbor’s Granddaughter Speaks

For the back story on this, see The Hostile Neighbor.

I don’t check my mail every day, but yesterday I found this note, on a torn up piece of composition book paper:

hi, my name is Kea & I am Lorraine’s grandaughter. My dog was indoors all day with me yesterday & never barked, but you still told my tutu that she did. All I remember yesterday was your dogs howling (for an hour). I know you say not to yell at them but it’s really hard not to when I’m sick & trying to sleep. When they bark at night I yell too be cause I go to Kamehameha so school starts early & I need sleep with is nearly impossible when theres barking. You say they feel threatened but no one’s doing anything from 2am-4am.   I can also hear everything you do. I can hear you sing, talk, talk on the phone, I can hear your tv, & I can pretty much hear you breathe. I’ve tried being nice & not yelling but it’s really hard when your dogs are idiots. Please hire the dog whisperer or something because I can’t sleep or watch tv in peace & you can’t blame it on my dog because when my grandma is in Hilo my dog is with me in the house.   Your dogs howling is scary & annoying.  If your dogs don’t shut up, I will keep swearing & screaming & shooting them w/ the hose. might as well since we’re such mean people HAHA.

Yes, it really was written in one big wall of text like that.   The bottom left quadrant of the page was also missing since it was torn out that way, but she just wrote diagonally where necessary.   This is about par for these people; the last note I got from one of them was written with a crayon.

I’d texted Lorraine last Tuesday “Lady has started up her lonesome barking which typically goes on for a few hours. Just FYI, I ignore it. I don’t scream ‘Shut up shut uuuuup!!!’ or ‘FUCK YOU FUCK!! YOU!!’   Just saying.”   Just the previous Saturday I had listened to a surveillance recording of Kea screaming at Boomer when he howled.   Once she began screaming, he began barking back at her.   Then the 2 of them barked back & forth at each other, which was pretty moronic.   He’s a dog.   I don’t know what her excuse is.

Lorraine’s responses were, of course, rude.   Lady went quiet shortly after my text, though, & I assume this letter was dropped into my mailbox the following day.   For the record, I don’t complain about Lorraine’s dogs.   I really do just ignore it.

I wrote Kea a polite letter back.   I said I was sorry we were in this situation & I hoped that she would feel better soon.   I gave her a timeline of all barking/howling on the surveillance recording for the hour leading to her little bitch fit with Boomer.   Boomer had howled for about a minute before she started screaming.   Not an hour.   In fact, his howl was the first noise from my dogs in an entire hour.

Boomer howls in response to ambulance/fire/police sirens.   Once the siren passes, he stops.   If Kea had just ignored him, he would have stopped, probably a lot sooner than he did with her screaming at him.   I mentioned this in the letter.

The incident in question had taken place at 4:30 in the afternoon, not at night.   And on a Saturday, so even if she was going to bed really, really early, she still didn’t have school the next day.

For over a month, my dogs have been kept indoors every night.   That includes the 2-4am time slot.   I’ve asked my other neighbors to let me know if they hear any barking, & they haven’t.   Even prior to keeping the dogs inside, those neighbors reported that there was very little barking; pretty much just normal barking at passersby, nothing else.   However, when a surveillance recording showed that Boomer had barked for a full minute at 12:30am, I felt bad.   So since then, out of consideration for my antagonistic, ghetto neighbors, I’ve put the dogs inside the house every night.

It’s no surprise that Kea is a liar.   Lorraine, on Fathers Day, texted me that Boomer had been barking continuously 3pm-7pm.   I had been home until 5pm, & there had hardly been any barking at all, from any of my dogs, the entire time.   When I texted her this, she dropped it.   Another night, she texted that my dogs were barking continuously.   I was out, but nearby, & I drove home immediately & parked across the street so that my dogs would not know I was home.   I stood across the street & listened, & the only noise was coming from Lorraine’s house – loud talking.   While I was standing out there, she sent me another complaining text, threatening to call the police.   When I texted back that I was standing right outside, she then called me directly & launched into a screaming tirade about how she was a homeowner & she had had it with me & she was going to call the cops, etc.   I never got a word in, but there’s no point in trying to talk to people like this.

In my letter to Kea, I informed her that my dogs were kept indoors every night so as not to disturb her & that I was making every effort to be considerate to them, & if I had discovered excessive barking at any point I would have taken immediate action.   However, I can’t fix made up stories.

Lorraine & Kea have basically trained my dogs to bark more than they already did.   By antagonizing them for normal dog behavior, they’ve identified themselves as a threat, & my dogs are now hypersensitive to their presence.   So if my dogs even catch a whiff of Psycho Ghetto Bitch scent over the wall, they are on high alert.   They are on the defensive, because they know that the crazies are nearby.

But even my dogs’ High Alert response isn’t excessive.   See the sound recording above.   The neighbors are talking loud enough to be heard by the recorder, which is located inside my house, & my dogs do not react.

As for Kea’s being able to hear me “breathe,” that’s pretty creepy.   I do talk on the phone in the backyard from time to time, & I do practice guitar & vocals in my room, which opens on the backyard.   I’m not a noisy breather though.   Quite frankly, if Kea is listening for me that hard, there’s something wrong.   However, the solution is simple.   She can do the same thing that I did when Lorraine’s dogs were having daily bark-a-thons during my sleep time: she can install an A/C in her room & shut her windows.   And quit straining to hear me breath.

Or, she can also do what I do: ignore it.   There are nights when Lorraine’s household is boisterous as hell.   Once my sister visited & as we hung out in the main house (much farther from the back property line), my sister was horrified at how much noise Lorraine’s house made.   She asked how I could stand it, & frankly, I hadn’t noticed it until she pointed it out.   I just tune it out, I guess.

Anyway, I have a harassment case.   I’m going to think on it for a few days because I don’t know if I would like to have a young girl arrested.   However, since these people are ghetto enough to escalate the situation, even when I have done all that I have to accommodate them, my dogs’ safety might be better protected with as much legal documentation as possible.   So if the little bitch has to have a criminal record, I guess she can thank her psycho tutu.


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