Madeline, mysterious vaginal bleeding

This morning I noticed a few drops of blood on the sheet right by Madeline’s privates.   She didn’t seem to be in discomfort, but then dogs don’t really make much of a display that way.

It’s Saturday.   The vet (we are now back at Aina Haina Pet Hospital; it’s a longer drive, but they are nice) closes at noon & Saturday is the worst day to make a last minute appointment because Saturdays everywhere are always booked.   However, if Madeline had a bladder infection, I didn’t want her to have to suffer until Monday.   I’ve had bladder infections & they are pretty painful.   I called the vet & they said to come on down.

I got a urine sample from Madeline, which was easier than expected.   I just followed her around the yard, knowing she’d pee soon since it was her first pee of the day.   The moment she squatted, I stuck the intended urine container under the stream.   I did have to lift her tail.   Once committed, though, she had to finish, so she didn’t move & it was no problem getting a sample.

We booked it to the vet.   Her urine showed no blood, but on examination the vet noticed some vulvar mucus, causing him to suspect a vaginitis.   He also mentioned the possibility of  ovarian remnants causing her to actually go into heat.   Madeline was spayed last summer but if pieces of her ovaries had been left behind she could still be cycling.   However, she was showing no other symptoms of estrus so it was unlikely.

His recommendation was to wash her privates once a day with warm water & just keep an eye on her for any more bleeding.   If it continued we could try a course of antibiotics, & if that doesn’t work we can ultrasound to see if there is anything in there that shouldn’t be.



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