Worst Personal Veterinary Experience, 5 days later

Boomer, after five days of cephalexin & hot compresses.

Last Tuesday he was in pain & swollen to the point where he was drooling constantly.   I was calling him Elephant Boy.   On Wednesday we had our horrible experience with Warren Sakamoto, who wanted to charge me $1003 to cut Boomer open to drain an abscess that wasn’t even ready to be drained.

Instead, on my dad’s advice, I gave Boomer daily antibiotics & applied a hot compress for 15 seconds at a time to the swelling for a period of 10 minutes, 4 times a day (it was sort of like 15 seconds on, 15 seconds off, over & over again for 10 minutes).   After the very first hot compress, the hardened area of cellulitis changed from a rectangular area of 8″x3″ to 6″x3″ & softened considerably.

Boomer was very good about lying still for the hot compresses, although by 10 minutes he would begin to get restless.

By Friday, the swelling had receded backward & downward.   I ran out of cephalexin by Sunday.   The hardened area is about 2″x1″ at the bottom of his jaw & the edema seems more or less resolved.   There is no more evidence of an abscess; it appears to have drained on its own.    No surgery will be needed.   None at all.

Why was Dr. Sakamoto unable to tell that the abscess was not ready to be drained?   Is that some kind of obscure knowledge that they don’t teach in veterinary school?   Or was he able to tell, & then thought up the most expensive method possible to “do something,” no doubt running into further complications since it was a premature action, thereby running my bill up even higher?

Greedy bastards.   Is this how veterinarians make their money?   At the expense of the animals?


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