Guess I’ll Never Be Visiting Northern Ireland

A Labrador/American Bulldog mix who had never shown any aggression, who was also microchipped, insured, neutered, registered & even DNA tested due to Northern Ireland’s Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) against pit bulls was confiscated from his home because of the size of his muzzle & hind legs.

Since then, the Belfast City Council have incarcerated Lennox in an unknown location under seemingly inhumane conditions, not allowing any family contact, for 2 years.

Two years.

He’s sleeping in sawdust, surrounded by his own feces, with no visible source of water.   In isolation, which is torture for any dog.   Recent pictures show him with extensive skin damage as well as untreated injuries.   The Belfast dog wardens probably knew they were going to kill him in the end so didn’t bother being humane.

Today, in spite of petitions & expert behaviorist accounts, a Belfast judge ruled what the Belfast wardens must have been counting on all this time: Lennox is to be put to death.   I don’t even want to know how they plan to do it.   Based on their treatment of him so far, I can only hope that it’s quick but frankly, it might not be.   The judge would not even agree to let Lennox be deported.   I wonder if they will even let Lennox’s family see him again when they kill him, or if he’ll have to die somewhere surrounded by assholes.

Below are several links on Belfast’s mishandling & torture of this poor dog.

Huffington Post article on Lennox’s death verdict, including a photo of the filthy cell he has been kept in isolation in for 2 years.

SOTT article on Belfast dos handlers’ treatment of Lennox, resulting in his physical debilitation but, heartbreakingly, not his loss of self control even under inhumane circumstances

Victoria Stillwell’s assessment of Lennox’s behavior: submissive even when being deliberately frustrated in order to force aggressive behavior for the courts

More Victoria Stillwell on Lennox’s inhumane housing with Belfast dog wardens

Article on Lennox’s abuse at the hands of the Belfast wardens; video at the bottom

Please share this with others so that someone else knows what a bunch of jerks run Northern Ireland, & how cruel BSL allows those sadistic jerks to be.


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