Germany sounds cool

I met a cute musician from Germany who likes Robbie Williams.   Like any average woman, any time I meet a cute guy who likes Robbie Williams I immediately consider marriage.   In this case, I decided to look up dog laws in Germany.  Not the climate, not the economy.  The dog laws.   I can look up the other stuff later.

The first article I read was from 2008 entitled Germany’s “Dangerous” Dog Laws.   Ewww, BSL, I thought.  Right off the bat the article states that Germany prohibits import of “dangerous dogs:”

Under the regulations governed by German states’ local authorities charged with enforcing them, dangerous dogs are typically characterized as animals either having attacked persons or shown unusual aggressiveness; displayed tendencies to attack game or livestock; and last but not least are known to be vicious.  Automatically included under the classification of dangerous dogs are Staffordshire bullterriers, American Staffordshire terriers, pit bull terriers, and other dogs descended from one of these types of dogs.

Based on this description I have a feeling my American Bulldogs would not be allowed, even though they are not technically descended from bull terriers.    But beyond this, Germany sounds like a good place to be a bully breed owner.   Athough the laws described in this article do discriminate against bully breeds, the discrimination is astonishingly rational & restrictions focus on the owner rather than the entire breed of dog:

In order to possess one of these dogs, potential owners must be at least 18 years old and personally qualified.  Personal qualification requires that a potential owner take and pass an aptitude test administered by a person or office certified by the State Veterinarian Chamber.  This test is only good for five years and only relates to the dog that is tested with the owner.  However, there are certain criteria that automatically disqualify a person from owning a dangerous dog.  These criteria include repeated violation of dangerous dog legal provisions; final conviction for at least one crime committed while drunk within the last five years; and addiction to alcohol or drugs, or mental illness or impairment.

Omg, we should be applying this to Americans wanting to get pregnant!   But with regard to dog ownership, can you imagine how diminished dog related tragedies in the US would be if this simple procedure was used here?   The amount of abused, neglected & mishandled pit bulls (a stereotype we all know) would decrease like magic.    Dogfighting would certainly take a tremendous blow.

The article goes on to state that owners must also justify their need to own these dogs (i.e. as watch dogs) & that the dogs must be spayed or neutered.   That’s fine, as I have no interest in making puppies with so many homeless dogs in the world.

There are also regulations regarding taking one’s dogs out in public, such as the leash holder must be 18+ years old & physically capable of controlling the dog, & dogs must be microchipped.   More laws that would benefit the US.

I found a 2010 article about German rules regarding dog care entitled Dog Keeping Laws For Germany.   Most of these rules (it’s a short list; please click on the link & check it out) ensure that your dog is housed comfortably & safely.   I find it pleasantly surprising that laws like these exist.   Certainly they don’t have them here in the US.

Of course, I haven’t examined anything else about Germany.   I’m assuming a home with an enclosed yard & sufficient room to keep my dogs indoors.    A third article says in its title: It’s Heaven For Pets In Germany!   The very first line of the article says “Germans in general love pets, especially dogs!”   It does substantiate the regulations against pit bulls, but gives a very friendly description of daily considerations as a dog owner in Germany.

So.   I guess for now I can keep talking to the cute musician.


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