My cat is addicted to Addiction catfood

I’ve had Honeygirl, my cat, for almost 19 years.   She’s almost always been finicky about her food.   Back when I didn’t know any better & I bought catfood from the grocery store, I remember feeling very pleased with myself because she seemed to like Meow Mix.

I later got the idea that I should use premium catfood & then began buying Iams.   I know… I didn’t know my petfood facts back then.   I also fed my cats raw for about a year but when my work schedule changed it became too difficult to maintain.

When I finally got smarter I bought my cats Innova, but it just didn’t have as much grease as Iams & Honeygirl never really took a shine to it.   And she hasn’t liked much of anything I’ve tried – Prairie, Instinct, some other super expensive brand I can’t remember – until now.

I was cruising my favorite pet supply store & was excited when I saw a new brand of catfood on the shelves.   This was exciting because every time I found something new that I could try I was possessed by a glimmer of hope that maybe this time I’d get my cat’s approval.   Maybe.

The Addiction Viva La Venison kibble was $18 for a 4 lb bag.   The first ingredient was Venison meal, & it was free range venison.   It was grain free & contained natural probiotics, which are nice in the case of an 18-year-old cat who sometimes has digestive issues.

The normal routine with me, Honeygirl, & a new bag of catfood was this:

1. I come home with a new bag of catfood.
2. Honeygirl is excited.
3. I open the new bag of catfood. Honeygirl crowds in to see what I got.
4. I put a little scoopful in Honeygirl’s dish.
5. Honeygirl sniffs it.
6. Honeygirl gives me The Disgusted Look & then makes The Pissed Off Exit, without touching her food.   She will eventually come back & eat a little of it when she is about to die of starvation.   Then she will not touch it & I end up giving it to the dogs because they’re not insufferably spoilt cats & they appreciate virtually anything edible.

Actually, it’s quite possible that Honeygirl was spoilt by all the cheap, greasy stuff I used to buy her.   She’s probably forgotten how bad the litterbox smelled, & how often she had to go.   She misses that unhealthy crap.   Well, I guess if I grew up on Doritos I wouldn’t be as thrilled about a macrobiotic diet myself.

Healthy food simply doesn’t taste as good as unhealthy food, right?

When I got home Honeygirl was quite excited to see what I had brought home, & as I used scissors to cut open the top of the bag I certainly had my hopes up.    I really hoped she would like this food.    I mean, I had just spent $18 on 4 lbs of freaking catfood.

I was unable to get the scoop into the bag to give Honeygirl a sample, because I was blocked by Honeygirl’s head.   She actually jumped up & stuck her entire head into the freshly opened bag. I’m serious.

After a week I expected things to normalize & for Honeygirl to start giving me the “This again?” looks at meal time, but it never happened.   She never left leftovers.   It went on like that until the end of the bag.   It was like the Twilight Zone.

When I returned to the pet store, they were out of the Addiction kibble.   Completely.   They’re a great store, but they’re constantly out of stuff because they order only a little at a time.   I suppose this is good.   Unless you are going to be tortured by your cat if you don’t bring the right catfood home.

However, they had 2 boxes of Addiction’s Raw Dehydrated food.   It was expensive – $31 for 2 lbs.   However, this 2 lbs reconstituted to 9 lbs.   I liked the idea of dehydrated raw as well.

I brought the box home, put a little into Honeygirl’s dish, added water (ACME catfood), & served it.

She wouldn’t eat it.

There was an extremely strong berry smell to it & I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have eaten it.   I’ll be honest – I try everything I feed my pets, within reason.   But I didn’t want to try this.   I am the kind of person who picks the raisins out of my scone.   And this was raw possum.   But frankly the idea of raw rodent was less distracting than the overpowering berry smell.   It didn’t smell like catfood.   It smelled like a breakfast bar.   I’m not crazy about breakfast bars & I certainly wouldn’t expect my cat to eat one.

Honeygirl dined on raw chicken, chicken blood & egg for the next few days while I waited for the Venison kibble to come back in.   When I finally brought the bag home she had her head in it before I could serve it, again.

The Cat Food Reviews review was encouraging:

As of right now, the Addiction line of products for cats is completely free of any grains. A meat meal is always the first ingredient in Addiction formulas for cats. Since there are no grains in Addiction formulas, the primary source of carbohydrates comes from potatoes. The fat content in Addiction formulas seems to come from ingredients such as chicken fat and dried eggs. Some Addiction formulas contain added salt in their ingredients list. There are no artificial colors, artificial flavors or chemical preservatives in any Addiction pet food formulas.   Addiction cat food formulas are completely free of corn, wheat and soy. Corn, wheat and soy are the three most common allergens to cause health problems in cats.

I’d like to add that Honeygirl has also not had any vomiting episodes with this food like she did with other foods for the last few years (knock on wood).   It might be the probiotics, although I was adding probiotics to Honeygirl’s previous kibbles & she still had problems.   Or it might just be that this is simply the right food for her.   She certainly likes it.   That’s sufficient for me.


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