Boomer & Madeline

Still doing well.   She snapped at him once last week – it was my fault; I had created a situation that had her anxiety & excitement up.

Madeline had been on bland rice soup all week for her diarrhea (see “Huffing”) & I had busted out these really good-smelling salmon treats for the dogs because I needed Boomer to eat a bunch of Benadryl (see “Hives”).   All 3 dogs got a treat, but because he took his pills so well, I decided to give him one more treat.

When I went for the treat bag, which was just inside the door, Madeline thought she was going in the house.   She thinks this a lot; she’s starting to see herself as the Inside Dog just because she has to be in there whenever I have to go anywhere, & she’s gotten used to it.   Given a choice, she would rather be inside the boring, stuffy house.   Whatever.   Anyway, I denied her entry, which was One.

Then I took out another treat, & she wanted it soooo bad… but Boomer & Chie wanted it too.   This kind of situation should be a no brainer for me by now but I just don’t think sometimes.   All 3 of them crowded in, & Madeline anxiety’d out & snapped at Boomer.

Boomer, who outweighs her by 20 lbs, ducked away & made his “I mean no harm” stance.   Because this is how I want him to react if she snaps at him – non-aggressively – I hugged him & reassured him.  Then I put him in the house & scolded Madeline, who immediately lay down on the ground belly up, & showed no signs of getting up until I told her it was ok.   I then let Boomer out, who skulked, downcast, past her, & she got up & kissed him on the nose.

Boomer was depressed for the rest of the day, lying around looking mournful.  Madeline avoided him a little, as if embarrassed, but by the time we all went to bed he was curled up next to her with his head on her flank, & all was well.



2 responses to “Boomer & Madeline

  1. Great stories. I can tell you really pay a lot of attention to your dogs, it’s great. I only have my 1 mutt and I could spend the whole day talking about her so I totally can appreciate all your writing!

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