Hives, resolved

ImageBoomer had hives every day for 4 days.   They didn’t seem to bother him (except for the one on his… you know) but some of them were golf ball sized.   Bathing him usually caused them to go down, slowly.   Benadryl also helped.   On the 4th day I mentioned it on Facebook, & one of my contractor friends who had visited my place immediately said “Mango.”

It took me 2 months to prune the mango tree in the back yard.   Mostly because I could only dispose of the cuttings in 3 green Opala containers, which were picked up only every other week.   I would fill the containers so densely that it was difficult for me to pull them around on their wheels.   I had a method to it — I would line the bottom with loose leaves, then pile 2′ or less length cuttings over it.   Once it was full, I would wait a few days, because it would sink a little, then I would fill it more with small cuttings or loose leaves.   Then I would lay the heaviest cuttings, some of them 6″ in diameter, over the top.   When the level went down again, I’d remove the heavy cuttings, stuff more loose leaves in & then put the heavy cuttings back on top.   I think about this very clearly because when I called to ask for another green can I was interrogated very suspiciously, & the first thing I was asked was if I was cutting the branches up before I put them in the container.   I think about that just about every time I use these containers.

Opala must have to deal with a lot of people trying to exploit them or something.

Anyway, there were a few large branches left around the yard.   I had actually left them in the middle of the yard because the grass was filling in wherever they blocked the dogs’ daily passage.   Once my friend made his diagnosis, I cleared all the mango branches out of the middle of the yard (there are still a number piled up along the sides) where Boomer might bump into them, & voíla — no hives.



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