When Boomer was a few months old, he had a serious hives episode.

The photo at right has been enhanced to show the hives more clearly; he wasn’t quite that red, but it was bad.   The hives were all over him, not just his undersides.   They started coming out along his hindquarters – they were like little lumps under his fur.   Within half an hour they had spread all over him & become so pronounced that his hair was sticking straight out in places.

Boomer was a squeaky little thing at the time, & he certainly squeaked that night.   He was terrified.   He was running backwards in little circles & shrieking “OMG HELP” in puppysqueak at me.   It was pretty crazy.

I tried an oatmeal bath, ice packs, & a baking soda rinse.   I gave him half of a Benadryl (12.5mg Diphenhydramine Hcl) & it didn’t do crap so I gave him the other half & then he got a little better.   In the wee hours of the morning I gave him one more; over a 6 hour period he had gone through 50mg of Benadryl.   By morning the hives were much dissipated & he was a happy puppy again.

Today I noticed a bunch of hives popping out on Boomer’s hind legs.   He has the occasional hive here & there half the time, but they don’t get too bad.   Today’s hives looked a little more serious than usual so I fed him 3 Benadryls (75mg, approved by Boomer’s vet) right off the bat.

Boomer’s really good taking pills.   He had to take so many so often when he had Parvo he’s a pro at it, especially if when I’m dropping 3 pills down his throat I’ve got a really good smelling salmon dangling over his nose.   I dropped the pills in, shut his mouth for a quick jaw rub, then immediately offered the treat so he didn’t even stop to think about hacking anything back up.

After 4 hours the hives are diminished, although still there.

I’m not sure what’s causing them.   The only thing out of the ordinary today was that I swept off the back porch; I lifted the dragongrass mat & swept out all the dirt & dust that had gathered beneath it.   There was quite a lot.   I wonder if that dirt & dust was permeated with residual insecticide from the quarterly Terminix treatment I have here (great stuff, btw).   It’s possible; the Terminix spraying was done last month but it may actually have been that long since I swept out under the mat.   The insecticide is supposed to be pet safe shortly after drying but I’m sure it could cause a reaction, especially in a pigment scarce guy like Boomer.   I’ll have to keep an eye on that.

In the meantime, I have a Costco sized bottle of Benadryl.


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