People suck sometimes.

At Hawaii Kai Costco today someone tied their 2 dogs to the rail inside the cart return.

Since one side of the cart return was already full of carts, the dogs were in the path of shoppers pushing their carts into the parking lot.   And naturally since there was nowhere else to put carts, people ended up leaving their emptied carts in the clear half of the cart return, although maybe that was safer for the dogs since it discouraged traffic.

I’ve seen at least one of these dogs at the Hawaii Kai dog park.   It’s pretty sad that their owner cares enough to take them to the dog park but will actually tie them in the path of strangers pushing very large, often vision-obstructed shopping carts.   I guess it’s better than locking your dogs in the car but it was an overcast, breezy day at Costco.   There was another car parked nearby with a maltese & a little girl sitting in it.

I mentioned the situation to one of the Costco employees on my way inside & I hope someone at least kept an eye on the dogs to make sure no one decided to mess with them.   If I ever see that owner at the dog park again I will probably have some criticism for them.


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