Madeline loves Grey’s Anatomy

This is Madeline watching Grey’s Anatomy in 2011.

I don’t actually watch tv but I do watch tv shows.   The ABC website offers streaming full episodes with limited commercials if you’re willing to watch them a little later than everyone else, which is not an issue for me.

At the time I was watching House MD, Lie To Me, & Grey’s Anatomy, usually several episodes at a time since it was only when I remembered I had episodes to catch up on.

Madeline’s favorite show was clearly Grey’s Anatomy.   She would sit up & pay attention every time Meredith or Lexie spoke.   Between the two I’d say her favorite was Lexie.

She watched Lie To Me, but without excessive enthusiasm, & would make distressed noises whenever a man raised his voice.   I think the majority of male characters turned her off.   She had absolutely no interest in House.

And here’s Madeline watching Grey’s Anatomy in 2012.   One is struck by how brown the bedsheet has gotten.   For those wondering, that’s an extra sheet which is always over the top of the bed for the dogs.   I have 3 twin sized flat sheets that are a lot easier to constantly launder than queen sized sheets.

I actually missed a whole lot of Grey’s Anatomy but caught up with what I could; I think we watched 6 episodes that night.   Madeline no longer favors Lexie but sits up & attends in most of the scenes which focus on a single person speaking animatedly.   This matters to me a little because I’ve been working on her socialization, & she seems to be getting a little better with people in general.   Madeline visits the pet store with me when I trek out to buy dog food, & we’ve popped in at Gentle Vets just to say hello.   She’s finally taking treats from the pet store girl’s hand instead of insisting they be dropped on the floor, & even let the girl pet her once or twice.   Gentle Vets has been wonderful, inviting me to bring her by any time to hang out.

I’ve been following ABC’s Revenge; Madeline seems to have no interest in it.    I intend to watch The River as well but I hope that won’t cause any backslide.


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