Bosnian kids blow a dog’s face off with a firecracker

I only heard about this because one of my friends on Facebook commented on the Oahu ASPCA post.   Apparently a couple of teenagers in Bosnia stuck firecrackers or dynamite in this dog’s mouth & duct taped it shut.   The dog wandered the streets like this for 5 days before being taken to a veterinarian, where he was euthanized.

Before you gasp & feel sorry for yourself because this is so horrible, remember that this actually happened to this dog.   All you have to do is read about it.   And not be such a candy ass.

Apparently Bosnia doesn’t have much in the way of animal cruelty laws, & although there were apparently witnesses sufficient to know when & how this happened, reportedly nothing is being done to punish the kids who did this.   It’s all the way over in Bosnia, but there are still a few things that can be done if this bothers you enough.

1. Sign a couple of online petitions. Having worked in a state senator’s office, I’m pretty skeptical about the efficacy of petitions but apparently petitions can make some sort of difference if they are big enough, if only for indirect reasons.   There are 2 petitions I know of regarding Vucko above, one to improve animal cruelty legislation in Bosnia & another to punish the kids who blew his face off.   It’s possible that the 2nd one may already be closed even though it is 25k short of its goal, but the little note on the righthand side of the page discusses the petition in the past tense.  It’s not hard to sign the petitions; you enter your name, address & email & then click.

2. Mention this to your friends.   My girlfriend, from whom I first heard about this, commented “Sorry – I don’t need to see this” on the Oahu SPCA post, & there will probably be many who feel that way.   We don’t want to hear about stuff like this because we have enough on our plates.   I certainly didn’t want to hear about this.   But now that I have, I feel like I have to do something.   Not everyone will feel this way – most are content to say something morally fulfilling about it & then go on with their lives as if it never happened – but you’ll never know who does unless you give them the opportunity.

3. Support your local SPCA or similar groups.   I think the Hawaiian Humane Society here is a bunch of assholes, but perhaps only to humans, so I still support them.   I also think PETA goes so far with the theatrics & shameless emotional plays that they damage their own credibility, & I’m not sure I want to donate money to stop fire hydrants from being painted yellow because it’s been proven in a study involving 5 subjects in an unaccredited college to be a color unpleasant to dogs, but… well, ok, screw PETA.   I’ll just stick with HHS & now that I’ve heard of Oahu SPCA I’ll check them out too.   When I say support these groups, I mean read their articles, spread their word when you feel it needful (I told all my friends when the HHS Cat House was overcrowded & they posted begging for foster help… & got at least one girlfriend to adopt a cat), & if you decide to add a pet to your household, adopt from them!   Not only will you be saving a (probably very grateful & deserving) life, but you will be easing the overwhelming burden on animal rescue groups so that they can keep working on animal cruelty issues like this one.

I hope they catch those kids.   They don’t even need to do anything to them.   Just please, publish their names & let us see what they look like.


3 responses to “Bosnian kids blow a dog’s face off with a firecracker

  1. I believe they need to be punished and have the same thing done to them. Animals are a precious gift and need to be cherished. Why let the kids that performed this horrific act get away with it. Stand up and punish them

  2. I totally agree. I’m not sure why the petition pertaining to apprehending & persecuting them was curtailed at less than 5k signatures because I’m sure they could have gotten way more than their stated goal of 25k. But failing that, just let us know who they are because I know there are a lot of people who want to see their faces.

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