The great pumpkin

When my dogs get sick I do take them to their veterinarian or I at least call & ask for advice.   But I try to learn what I can do at home as well.   If your dog is sick, don’t hesitate to call your vet; they’re licensed for a reason. =)

There are a lot of trees in my backyard, mostly fruit trees – a legacy of my very practical grandparents.   Depending on the season the yard is decorated with mangos, starfruit, vee apples, or mountain apples.   I do as much as I can with the fruits; most of it is given away since the only item from that list that I eat is mountain apple, & I’ve had enough after 2 or 3.

I do clear the yard of fallen fruit during these times but the dogs do eat their share of what I miss, & sometimes they have GI upset.

I have a good idea of what to do when it comes to diarrhea — bland soup.   I boil the crap out of already cooked rice in some green tea.   If I have some chicken or turkey I shred a little & add it to the porridge.

But this doesn’t necessarily do much for constipation.   Boomer, after his bout of Parvo (another post, I promise), had post-diarrheal constipation & it got so bad that he was leaving alarming amounts of bright red blood on each poop.   I had his poop checked for parasites, & none were found, but the bloody constipation went on for 2 weeks, & I was freaking out.

Several websites suggested feeding canned pumpkin.   Boomer’s constipation got better a lot sooner than his bleeding did.   I inspected his poops & noticed that there was blood only on the ends of the pile.   It looked to me like Boomer was bleeding from a mechanical tear that opened up at the end of each movement.   Since I couldn’t exactly go in there & put a bandaid on it, all I could do was keep feeding him lots of fiber & fluids, & wait for it to heal up.   Sorry, Boomer.

Canned pumpkin is actually kind of hard to find in the stores here – at least, that has been my experience.   I spent a day visiting 3 different grocery stores, & only one had it in their health foods section, & it was expensive.   I checked the produce section for actual pumpkins, but was told I’d have to wait until Halloween.

So, when I finally got my hands on an actual pumpkin, naturally no one was constipated.   Not that I’m complaining.   I spent an hour or so chopping the pumpkin up & bagging it for the freezer.   In the future I can bring it out & make some nice pumpkin soup, should anyone get the hard dootzes again.   I’m not sure if it has the same efficacy given raw; if anyone knows anything about that please share!


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